Is City-Scale AR working ?

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I have created an AR experience using the City scale AR mesh for London and I have created my entire experience. I tried testing it today at the location, and it just doesn't seem to work. It keeps getting stuck at 'Point at buildings' but doesn't recognise the building or the geolocation / vps to start the experience.

Can anyone help please?


  • Bakari Mustafa
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    There are a few potential reasons why your AR experience is not working as expected when testing at the location:

    • Incorrect geolocation: Make sure that the location where you are trying to test the AR experience is within the boundaries of the City Scale AR mesh for London that you used to create the experience.
    • Insufficient VPS data: The AR experience may not be able to recognize the building or geolocation if there is not enough VPS data available at the location. To fix this, you can try collecting more VPS data at the location using the VPS Map Viewer in Lens Studio.
    • Incorrect orientation: The AR experience may not work correctly if the device is not oriented correctly towards the building. Try adjusting the device's orientation until the AR experience starts.
    • Error in the code: There may be an error in the code of your AR experience that is preventing it from starting. Check your code for any mistakes or bugs.
    • Incorrect version of the lens: Make sure that you are using the correct version of the lens that was created for the specific AR experience and the device you are testing it on.
  • Shahnanigans
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    @Bakari Mustafa Thanks so much for your response.

    1. The location that I am using to test the AR experience is definitely within the city scale ar mesh boundary so its not that.

    2. The AR experience wasn't able to recognize the building and I am not sure how else to collect more VPS data at the location. Can you please give me more info on that? As I dropped my pin on a specific location whereby it generated the VPS city mesh ontop of which I added digital assets.

    3. I thought the orientation was an issue initially so I played around with a few settings in LensStudio. And interestingly enough I was able to see the mesh which aligned with the buildings but it showed up in those white crosses where you can see that the location/vps data is there but it doesn't pick it up to initiate the entire experience.

    4. I am not sure if there is an error in the code? Would you be able to please help me understand this bit as I used the City Scale AR template and did not change a thing in it - except for deleting the data for other cities and existing models that were in there from before that I didn't need.

    5. I am currently on version 4.36.1 - which is the latest version? I was able to identify another bug in this version when it came to remote assets and was told to use 3.34 instead - could that be an issue?

    There do not seem to be many tutorials on City Scale AR mesh templates so that is also why I am struggling to find a solution. But I appreciate your support 🙏🏽