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iOS Crash: com.snap.camerakit.sample is not authorized to use CameraKit



I tried to run an iOS example.
1. I took the last version from GitHub (commit de185d4);
2. I created a new app in Admin UI and fill Bundle ID in Platform Identifiers;
3. I ran "pod install". Camera Kit SDK version is "1.19.2";
4. I replaced the app id and token in "info.plist", lenses group id in AppDelegate and signing team;

The app sometimes works and I see lenses. But sometimes it crashes with the message Terminating app due to uncaught exception 'unauthorized', reason: 'com.snap.camerakit.sample is not authorized to use CameraKit'

I ran the app 20 times and took 13 crashes.
Android example with the same credentials works fine.

XCode 14.1
iPhone 11 Pro
iOS 15.6.1

What should I do to fix it?