Kiss Trigger


When I do a kiss gesture, "KissStartedEvent" works.
When I hold a kiss gesture for some time, "KissFinishedEvent" calls automatically in 4-5 seconds after "KissStartedEvent" was called. But I still hold a kiss gesture. Then I started kissing again and nothing happened. "KissStartedEvent" is not calling any more.

How to fix this bug?

For double check I will describe my steps again.
1. Start and hold a kiss gesture. "KissStartedEvent" works.
2. "KissFinishedEvent" works in 4-5 sec. automatically. But it shouldn't because I still hold a kiss gesture.
3. "KissStartedEvent" is not working any more.
LensStudio version 4.16.1


  • Tariq B
    Tariq B Posts: 96 🔥🔥

    Hi @Vlad Nahaiev I just tested the following and it's working for me:

    1. KissStartedEvent Set Image Enable
    2. KissFinishedEvent Set Image Disable

    But when I hold the kiss gesture you're right it doesn’t last maybe I think because the program think that the kiss event doesn't take longer time maybe that's the reason you think It's not working for you.

    I hope that's answered your question