[TEMPLATE] Tilt Head to Answer - Quiz Questions Lens

Aleks Brzoska
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Hi Everyone,

I've managed to create this quiz lens HERE some time ago, and since a few of you are interested, I decided to share the project for you to use as a template.

Here is what the final result looks like:


This template can be edited by selecting the script named "All Scripting" in the objects tab, under the "Camera" object, then in the inspector tab, select each script one by one and replace the images with your own. The first two scripts inside "All Scripting" should't be changed.

You also need to change the question titles images in objects tab > Camera > Effects >Head Binding 0.
Under each question, replace the images in the inspector tab.

The image format is as follows:
Q1-WA.image means Wrong Answer
Q1-CA.image means Right Answer
Q1-T is the Question Title

Main mechanics of the lens can be found in the Resources tab, inside "TiltHeadtoChange" script - just double click to open script graph editor.

I think I covered everything you need to know to edit this example project template; if you need any help, let me know.

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  • Suzy Yoder

    Hi Aleks! This is extremely helpful. I was wondering how to remove the "right answer" or "wrong answer" element of this template, so it's just choosing between 2 options for fun ("would you rather") until you get to the end. Do you have any idea how that might be possible?

  • Suzy Yoder

    I guess my question really is - how to make ALL the selected answers green, or some neutral color, instead of green vs red.

  • Muhammad Imran

    Thanks a lot i am very happy and 8171 is very informative

  • eliank_n

    This lens you made is really good, would you be able to create a template that's suited more as a personality test? To keep it simple it would be 5 questions with still 2 choices to pick from each, having 3 different results that are images. The different combinations of answers will lead to different image results. I think this is a variation of what Suzy Yoder was asking for