RemoteServiceModule: Wrong api visibility 100 0

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Hi, I've implemented and set up an API as explained here, meaning

  • I've set up my custom remote module API
  • Created necesarry endpoints,
  • Imported remote api module to lens
  • Loaded lens via my host app
  • Triggered request from lens to host via app button tap

However, I am getting "RemoteServiceModule: Wrong api visibility 100 0" printed in my lens log (and not seeing the call initiated from host app) on every button tap / request.

My API + endpoint look fine (based on the examples, which also don't give you too much info btw).

Any idea to what might be causing this issue? What am i missing?

Additional logs from my xcode:

[user] fetchImageRequest called...
[user] before req creation...
[user] after req creation...
[user] endpoint = make_request
[user] req.endpoint = make_request?filter_id=super_lens&request_command=get_pending_mask
[error] RemoteServiceModule: Wrong api visibility 100 0

Thank you so much!


  • Roy
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    @ForumChris what do you think? could use your help!

  • stevenxu
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    Thanks for posting your issue on the forum @Roy . Confirming I've shared with our eng team and will get back to you hopefully by this week.

  • Roy
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    Bumping :disappointed:

    Also, can anyone confirm this currently is working? Have yet to find one person who has implemented

  • stevenxu
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    @Roy Just bumped for our eng team again.. appreciate your patience.

  • Roy
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    @stevenxu said:
    @Roy Just bumped for our eng team again.. appreciate your patience.

    Thanks, really hoping to solve this one! 🙏🏻

  • ForumChris
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    Hey @Roy,

    We have seen this wrong visibility error off an on in the past and are looking into it further to resolve it. With that said, this message should not block the actual communication between the app and the Lens. Can you confirm if you are using your own API Spec or the placeholder one for Camera Kit? If you can provide code snippets for the Lens call and the Remote API communication that would be helpful as well. I will see if there is more information I can provide in the meantime.


  • Roy
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    @ForumChris thanks so much, that was the reaffirmation I needed it to continue working on it until I figured it out – which I have thankfully!

    What was useful (and lacking in docs) was where to use the custom API Provider in the iOS app (it must be done during setup when passing the various providers).

    After some more digging, in the example, source code on GitHub, I found the missing piece and have been able to implement. thank you so much