How to make pixelated filters for public?

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I want to design a filter on Snapchat that is based on using the camera and applying a specific color schema to all the pixels. Link to website to see the filter ideas, These are just different color schemas.

How would I create these? easiest way? Ideally it does not need any facial or object tracking. It just registers the current pixel color and changes it based on our specific filter.


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    To create a filter that changes the color of the pixels based on your schema, you will need to use a custom shader in Lens Studio. A shader is a program that defines how an object looks on the screen by manipulating its pixels. You can write your own shader code or use one of the built-in shaders in Lens Studio. For example, you can use the Color Correction shader to adjust the hue, saturation, brightness, and contrast of your image. You can also use the Color Replace shader to replace one color with another.

    To apply your shader to the camera input, you will need to add a Camera Texture component to your scene and assign it as the input texture of your shader. Then, you will need to add a Fullscreen Visual component and assign it as the output of your shader. This will render your filtered image on top of everything else in your scene.

    You can find more details and examples of how to use shaders and camera textures in Lens Studio’s documentation

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