Are there any public numbers on most viewed or shared lenses?

Hi! One of my lenses suddenly got heaps of attention. Are there any statpages that shares other lenses stats or a ranking system on most used (and the number of plays for example), so i can compare mine and see if i have bragging rights or not?


  • Tariq B
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    Hi @Daniel Bansal Dahn Yes there's! but first let me walk you through how to review your own

    you can view your Lenses insights in two different ways:

    1. Though your Snapchat public profile in the Insights section
    2. Through

    Now how to know the top lenses
    1. you need to log in through
    2. Look for Community Audience
    3. When you find it scroll down to the end of the page and you'll see "Top Lenses"
    4. And there should be the Top lenses from the Snapchat Community.

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    @stevenxu see comments above ^

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    Thanks @audun ! Comments removed.