gem rendering with ray tracing


Enabling camera ray tracing and enabling reflection receiver for a gem rendered mesh does not make the gem to reflect emitters. My question: can we make a gem rendered mesh to reflects rays from a reflecting emitter mesh? Thx


  • Lakakhan

    Yes, it is possible to make a gem rendered mesh reflect rays from a reflecting emitter mesh. To achieve this, you need to make sure that both the gem mesh and the emitter mesh have materials that are set up to reflect rays.
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    First, enable camera ray tracing and reflection receiver for the gem mesh. Then, for the emitter mesh, make sure that it has a reflective material assigned to it and that it is set up to emit rays that can be reflected by the gem mesh.

    You may also need to adjust the settings for the ray tracing and reflection in your rendering software to ensure that the reflections appear correctly.

  • Banu Ozden

    Have you tried it yourself? Before I asked the question, I tried what you said, but it did not work.

  • Kurt Kaminski

    Hey Banu,

    I'm Kurt, I helped develop Gem Rendering. There's two things going on here in order to get Gem Rendering to work correctly with Ray Tracing:

    1. The Lighting Mode on the gem material needs to be set to Environment Light. This will activate PBR on the gem which is required for it to be seen by Ray Tracing. This was a fail on my part for not documenting this in the guides. We'll update the Gem Rendering guide ASAP with a tip to make sure this is clear to everyone.

    2. There is currently a bug with the Background Refraction option on the gem material where it removes all ray traced reflections in the scene if it's enabled. We are confident this will be fixed in the next release of Studio, but until then, you will need to disable this option on all gem materials in the scene for Ray Tracing to work with Gem Rendering.

    I should point out that both Gem Rendering and Ray Tracing are performance-intensive features, so it's good idea to optimize your Ray Tracing setup by using the Reflected Material field to pass a simpler material for reflections.

    Hope this helps, and thank you for checking out our new features!

  • Banu Ozden

    Thank you Kurt for explaining it. Best wishes,