Can I get help or advise with my account please


Yesterday more than 24hours ago my Snapchat account was compromised. Upon trying to login online to seek the problem it said “your snapchat account has been permanently disabled”

I was very sad about this because I was unsure of what I did wrong and was certain it was a mistake. So I sent 2 emails to Snapchat and upon trying to login again hours later it says “your account has been deactivated” when I try to login on this device my iPhone 11 it says your access has been temporarily limited. So I went on any other phone to see if I could log in now. Upon doing that it says nothing when I try to log in or occasional y it says “your account cannot be reactivated” can anyone tell me if I just need to wait until the access is back on my iPhone11 or do I need to wait the possible 24 the snapchat website says it could take. Or is it just gone forever. If so Snapchat will be getting bombarded with emails for the next 30 days demanding at least my pictures for the past 6 years on that account. If anyone can give me an answer or help that would be amazing