Is there a way to find and use snap filters through a PC or discover lenses that other people create?


  • audun
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    You can find lenses here:
    Just click the "Try Lens" to try it out on your PC.

  • So I can "try" the lens, but I can't record with it and post with it from my PC? Managing social media campaigns from a phone is not effective. I want to be able to easily record to my PC and load it into editing software. Is this possible and I'm missing something? It's weird to me that they got rid of Snap Cam and took that opportunity off the table. Why?

  • It's really tedius to record on a phone, upload all the videos to a computer, edit them, them back on a phone to post them. There's got to be a better way.

  • Thanks for your support btw. It's nice to know someone's responding to these questions.

  • audun
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    Hi @Ukulady's Man,
    Sorry for the late response, I didn't get a notification since you didn't @ me :tongue:

    This used to be a thing with Snap Camera, but they removed it - so it's no longer possible I'm afraid :/