How can I achieve the gray hairs in Old Lens?

I am currently thinking that I have achieved a gray hair like Old Lens.

I tried many things but could not reproduce natural gray hair like Old Lens.

I tried to achieve gray hair with Hair Color, but it appears as if a white light is shining on the person's hair color.

I tried to achieve gray hair in the Hair segmentation, but it looks like the hair is painted white.

Below is a capture of Old Lens, I would like to achieve the following gray hairs.

I don't have much time, so I would appreciate an answer on how to respond quickly and reliably if possible.

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  • audun
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  • Sadao Tokuyama
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    @audun If there is a way to solve this problem, please let me know.

  • We are an AR developer contracted for a commercial project using LensStudio in Japan.

    We have two questions we would like to ask:

    Can the Old Lens on Snapchat be reproduced using LensStudio’s features? Or, does Snap,Inc. use private features that are not available to others?
    If it is possible to reproduce the effect using LensStudio, could you please share the project data for the Old Lens effect so that we can accurately replicate it? We would like you to share the method or template for creating the gray hair effect of the Old Lens if possible.

    As you are aware, there are very few examples of commercial use of LensStudio in the Japanese market, and we would like to contribute to expanding Snapchat’s share in Japan through this opportunity.

    This project is approaching release, so please provide a quick and accurate response to help us succeed in one of the few commercial projects using LensStudio in Japan.

  • audun
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    Hi @Sadao Tokuyama,

    I used a custom LUT created in Lightroom (masked with hair segmentation), but I couldn't get that "old" effect.

    Download: Google Drive

  • Getting that natural gray hair effect like the Old Lens can be a bit tricky, but it's definitely achievable with some adjustments. Try adjusting the saturation and brightness levels in your photo editing tool to get the right balance between gray and white. Additionally, you can apply a subtle texture overlay to mimic the natural texture of gray hair. Don't forget to experiment with different blending modes and opacity settings to refine the look. Good luck! 📸 #Thalderma