Lens Studio, singing filter


I am planning to do a Snapchat filter and I found this amazing filter for Saudi Idol.
I reallyreally want to do a copy paste. My guess is that I need to use Voice ml?

Would be so happy if you can send me some information how to do it!


/ Julia


  • Tariq B
    Tariq B Posts: 96 🔥🔥

    Hi @Julia

    This Lens seems to be created using simple scripts built-in Lens Studio:

    • Behavior Script
    • Tween Script
    • And the other things are just 2D Images

    If you're looking to create branded lens you can send me a private message here in the forum.

  • Julia
    Julia Posts: 3

    Thanks @Tariq B

    How do I send you a private message? I am new here. Can you send me?

  • Tariq B
    Tariq B Posts: 96 🔥🔥

    sure you can send me a direct message here in the forum

    And also you can check my website if you wanted a direct contact: