everytime i use the material unlit my texture option disappears


can someone help me on how to fix this


  • Tariq B
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    Hi @Omar129

    to find the texture in the Unlit Material do the following:

    1. Add the material from the resources panel
    2. Click on the material
    3. You can see the Graph Parameters
    4. First you can see the Base color
    5. Then you can find something called Base Texture Click on the check box and you'll be able to add your texture there.

    I hope that helps and in case you're not able to find it:

    That might be a bug or an issue in the Lens Studio version you're using,

    I have the latest update of Lens Studio 4.43 and I tested it with the Unlit Material and it seems to work fine with me make sure your Lens Studio is updated so you don't face any issues or bugs in the future.