Perfecting GetJointDistance parameters (3D Hand Tracking template)

Eric Bintner
Eric Bintner Posts: 6
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I'm playing with GetJointDistance script to get a trigger for two distinct hand positions, and to regularly play a sound when switching between the two. In theory this should be possible, but I can't seem to nail the parameters to get this perfect.

What I am trying to achieve is "chefs kiss" which is already working quite well, and index pointer, which I can't seem to get unless the hand is facing the camera, very large and the finger is sticking way out). I would like to trigger an event when the index finger lifts just slightly or halfway.

Here's the settings I have for "Index Finger Pointer:

  • pinky-3 to wrist: 0, 9
  • ring-3 to wrist: 0, 9
  • mid-3 to wrist: 0, 9
  • index-3 to wrist: 2, 100

I also tried setting:

  • index-3 to thumb-3: 4, 100
    but this didn't seem to help much.

EDIT: I never found the cause, but when I edited the parameters of the "two-finger pointer" to what made sense, it worked as expected. Also, I found comparing the distance from the end of one finger to the end of the next finger to have more predictable results.