How do I add my own Bitmoji to the 2D animation scene in Lens Studio

I know many people are gonna link the website, and I want to say, I have already read it all.

I guess I’m more of a visual learner, but I still need help.

So I was able to add the default 3D Bitmoji to the 2D scene in lens studio, but after that, I have no idea how to add my own. I’ve really been trying to figure out how to do it, whether it’s a script, through the Snapchat app, or another to.

If anyone can help me or do/have a demonstration so I can follow the steps I would really appreciate it.


  • audun
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    You won't be able to see your own Bitmoji within the Lens Studio program itself. If you click the "Send to Snapchat", you'll see the correct Bitmoji.

    Just make sure that you're using the same Bitmoji template that's outlined in the documentation (you can find it here).

  • audun
    audun Posts: 302 🔥🔥🔥

    Quoted from the Bitmoji Component docs page

    Bitmoji Module requests only your avatar. If you use two Bitmoji components for two people in the camera frame, they will both appear as your avatar.