hey guys. does someone know why the views of my lenses won't update?

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hi guys! i have created 2 new lenses lately but they won't update. they barely get any views. my first lens i created blew up very fast but these 2 i created won't update. what could be the reason? if you guys know how what i can change, please let me know. thank you!

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    Hey there!

    It's totally normal for new lenses to not get a lot of views at first.
    Try sharing them with your friends and on your story / our story / spotlight.

    Sometimes Snapchat will also promote your lens if it's popular enough.

    And don't stress too much about it! Just keep making cool lenses and eventually one of them will take off.


  • hey thanks! im not very professional in creating them because i just started but i am learning. my first one (i have 3 now) was 2 years ago and it got really many views hour by hour i was just confused about these 2. thank you!