CameraKit for Web & Angular Failure to Import

alex_doudnikov Posts: 14 🔥

Hi Everyone,

I'm using angular and express on node LTS 18.16.0. (It would help to have what verisons of what to have on the docs in case this is the issue.)

I'm following along the bootstrapping guide and ran into a few errors I can't solve. The errors seem to appear when I import camerakit, before I use any functions.

When I import camerakit into my typescript file I get a long list of errors:


TS File:

HTML File:


Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.



  • stevenxu
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    @alex_doudnikov Thanks for posting on the forum! Confirming receipt and shared with the team to investigate. In the meantime, I'll open a direct message just to verify your access as I'm having trouble finding you in our system.

  • Michael Mase
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    Hi @alex_doudnikov! Thanks for sharing your sample code. Camera Kit has no default exports. Members should be imported directly. Example:

    import { bootstrapCameraKit, createUserMediaSource } from '@snap/camera-kit';

    Additionally, be sure you have "skipLibCheck": true added to compilerOptions in your tsconfig.json; otherwise, you may get type errors within the library itself.

  • alex_doudnikov
    alex_doudnikov Posts: 14 🔥

    The thing that got it working was that "skipLibCheck" in the tsconfig, thanks!

  • stevenxu
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    @alex_doudnikov Thanks for closing the loop!