Error: [LSAGLView] attempt to use deleted framebuff

Jorge Costa
Jorge Costa Posts: 13 🔥

Recently, we detected an issue that is freezing the CameraKit Preview.

We are using SwiftUI.

It happens in strange cases.
Cases we detected:

  • Having the PreviewView in a View if we open an overlay or a fullScreenCover > Freezes (does not happen with all of them)
  • Starting opening the Control Center > Freezes (but only the first time the app is running. If we move back and start again without restarting the app, everything works fine)
  • Receiving a System Alert (Photo Library Permission, Low Battery) > Freezes

On Xcode, we can see that this error is logged in the console every time the Camera freezes.

I already saw another user complaining about this, but it seemed that was while he was configuring his project.


  • Jorge Costa
    Jorge Costa Posts: 13 🔥

    We found out the problem on our side.

    We had the NavigationLink that was handling the View with the Camera Preview inside a ScrollViewReader, and the ScrollViewReader was interfering with the Camera Preview update.