A mirror like AR effect with one eye closed ?

david wu
david wu Posts: 4

I am using eye-tracking method to simulate the mirror effect. It works great on one 3D smartphone. I am trying to put it on Lens studio. Users can have mirror-like AR effect with one eye closed. ( Because normal smartphone only have 2D display.)
I saw that the position of camera is a fixed value. It's (0,0,40). Is it possible for me to use the eye-position for it ?
I can only see 2 camera types. Can I use volumic type ?
I know it's very difficult for me the calculate the UV data for video to map to the face mesh. Can I use input camera video as texture image and render it with a face mesh( modified)? ( Keep modifying face mesh u values?)
It seems most of the data are fixed value. I can barely modify it.
Have anyone done this before in Lens studio?