How to set up FBX animated 3D object in Lens Studio?

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I'm at my wits end. I've followed the guide to export my animated object from Maya, I've copied the given js code for the play animation script in the Playing 3D Animation guide here:

I've tried replacing the animated objects in the Animated Objects template. That elephnat and fox taunt me with their smooth moves while my character stands frozen in a happy stance when they're actually dying inside.

Even googling community tutorials has made me turn up empty. I just need a way to get the animation mixer up on my screen. A lot of the resources are old and some of the things they want me to click literally don't exist anymore. My skeleton is there, my textures on the new pbr are there, I've quintuple checked that I have everything I need checked upon export from Maya. The only thing I'm missing is the animation! I know the animation is imported because I see the purple film wheel in the objects panel.

Any advice?


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    ahhhh wits end. I've been there. Try uploading a screenshot of your animator object panel and we can spot the issue. Also can you post a link to those old resources? And feel free to hit me up on snapchat and maybe worst case scenario you can send me the fbx