Official Lens Creator Questions

caden Posts: 2

Hi I applied to become an Official Lens Creator quite a while ago and have heard nothing back to this day. Since I have applied I have created 20+ lens and have done a lot more work on 3D lens, so thought I should reapply the other day. Since then it left me with some questions which is why I am here now.

Do we get an email notifying us when we have been rejected? If so how long this process usually take? not trying to sound impatient, just curious of the process.

What qualifications are looked at when accepting someone to become a Official Lens Creator?

As an Official Lens Creator are you able to easily find other Official Lens Creator's to talk to about lens or possibly about collaborating and creating lens together?

If rejected from becoming an Official Lens Creator the first time you apply is it possible to reapply in the future after you have had more practice and published more of your work?

I appreciate your time in advance :)