How to leave an organisation?

Hey all! I'm a small Lens Creator and am having issues posting my lenses. It is asking to post into a lens folder (which I filled out the info for) and no longer posts them under my name "Riley Smith". I don't want to post on a "lens folder", I want to post them how I normally posted my other ones. Any help will be appreciated, thanks!

  • Riley :smile:


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    Hi @rileyadamsmith!
    Do you have the same problem if you select the "Community Lens" option too?

  • rileyadamsmith
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    Hey @audun,

    No because unfortunately, I don't receive that popup at all!

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    Okay. Which version are you running Lens Studio on? @rileyadamsmith

  • @audun 4.46

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    I found this comment from an old thread:

    I've also had this issue after updating to 4.22 and wanting to update a 4.19 community lens (with a Snapcode that was printed).

    Did you make the lens in another version of the program?

  • No I didn't. It was created in 4.46 only. @audun

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    Sorry for the late answer.

    I went ahead and asked in the Discord server for you, and here's the reply I received:

    It’s easy just contact snapchat from the ads manager and they will remove it for you, happened to me once a year ago.
    There’s a chat button somewhere on the page , click on it and wait for an agent to connect

    Here's the link to Snapchat Ads Manager.

    Let me know if this works out for you!