Tags of the month for June 2023

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The message below is a copy of Raagbot's message in the AR Discord.
I thought this would be great to share on the forums as well, so here you guys go:

Creating high quality lenses that are themed around these tags is a great way to get noticed on the Snapchat platform and increases your chances of being featured!

Here are some tips to create high quality lenses for good engagement:
No copies of ML viral Lenses
No LS studio default icons
Interesting & Clear lens previews
Add hints which will help to understand how to use the Lens
Try to optimize/compress the resources in your Lens. Smaller Lens size is better.
Try to avoid “Subscribe to me” text in the Lens. Users probably will create less content
And Finally – use our tags of the month!

And without further adieu –


Pride Month ( Global)
Father’s Day (US, EU)
Eid al Adha (MENA)