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hey @Michael Mase we talked about this on the office hours call, and i'd like to show you what i have in mind for what will be: the greatest show in the world.


here i've got a lens that "records" your face movements using the selfie camera, and then when you flip the camera and it image tracks a pringles can, it plays back the "recorded" blendshapes on the pringles face with a mesh i made.

what i want is to be able to not have the record part of the experience and have so you like puppeteer the face on the pringles can live


  • Kevando
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    oh yeah, i also have this lens on a camera kit website


    its pretty janky. and i have no idea what im doing when it comes to the media stream stuff talked about on the call with the constructing a second canvas and whatnot. if there's good documentation/tutorial around this thats necessarily camera kit, please share it. i feel i know javascript pretty well, but this is all new territory for me

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    @Kevando thanks for sharing here on the forum. Just created a ticket for Michael+web team when he gets a chance

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    Hi @Kevando, are you still having issues with this? If you could share the Lens ID and describe how it works, I can try to help! :)

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    darn, i didnt have email notifications on. Yes, here is the lens ID


    The way my lens works is with the "face mesh expressions playback" asset. Such a cool asset. I didnt really change how that works too much. I have it "record" my face, which just saves the face expression blendshapes to some variable that gets saved in the script. I think i just made it global.

    Then you switch the camera from front (selfie) camera to back (world) camera and it says "find a pringles can" then it uses an image marker to attach a face mesh that i made to the pringles can.

    That face mesh is connected to the "face recorder" and plays back your expressions on the mesh.

    A video is worth a billion forum posts, so I will upload that shortly.

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    ok @Michael Mase here is a link to a video i just made with the lens in snapchat. hopefully this makes sense.

    essentially I have exactly what i want, only it's in stages. what i really want is for this to all happen in real time. so you point your phone camera at the Pringles Can and he comes to life!

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    and here is the lens for reference :D