Web SDK/testing page - lens not visible

I am working on a high-profile Lens implementation using Camera Kit for web. I am having an issue that I hope someone can help me with: using the Test Your Lenses page in the Camera Kit documentation the lenses I am creating are not being displayed (they sometimes flicker very briefly and then disappear).

I have double checked API tokens and Lens Groups and can verify that Camera Kit sample lenses as well as older lenses of mine are working. The minimum web SDK for the lenses is 0.10.0, which is also used on the testing page. Are there certain lens features that are incompatible with Camera Kit web SDK? I am using image markers and VFX particles. Or are there other issues or limitations that I should be aware of?



  • stevenxu
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    @tylercalkinlow thanks for posting on the forum! Confirming ticket has been created for our eng team to take a look and respond back when they get a chance. Hang tight!

  • aestarita
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    @stevenxu want to add to this: I also noticed the testing page doesn't work on Mobile, in case this is an unexpected behavior.

  • stevenxu
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    @aestarita Apologies on the delay here. Noted I'll update the same ticket to inform our eng. Thank you for reporting.

  • stevenxu
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    Eng is requesting your Lens ID that's experiencing these issues so we can investigate. I'll open up a dm with you to collect this. Thank you for your patience thus far.

  • @stevenxu thanks for the reply! I messaged you back.