Cycle or Swipe Objects (Next & Previous)

awaisbaba Posts: 6
edited July 2023 in Getting Started #1

I am working on a lens that has a lot of screen objects, that appear on the screen when one opens the lens on snap chat.
There are 28+ that I want the user to swipe through depending on what they like.

Now I have a working script that cycles through images by tapping on screen but the trouble is, taping only goes one way, and if mistakenly tapped, then one has to go through the whole cycle of 27 objects to get back to one they really want.

I just want it to go Next and Previous .

I spent whole day googling digging through forums youtube etc, but nothing useable came up.

I have seen some lenses made by users that even have a wheel with preview so the user can select the desired one rather than cycling. (if there is a turotial I would love that)

If there someone who knows what I need and can post a guide with a script that will put me on track without needing a PhD in scripting I will be thankful. o:)<3