Image Carousel Component - Unable to figure it out


Hey folks!

I posted a question couple of days ago which after some digging I found out about Image Carousel which was exactly what I needed.
So far I am very happy with how simple it is to use until I came across "On Item Set Call" as it requires a script and I don't know how.

The Carousel works flawlessly and but tapping on the carousel icons doesn't display / enable the screen objects.

I have set the image carousel component in the screen transform object via inspector panel, while the another screen image is in the Orthographic Camera that has the images I want to display on screen.

The only problem I have right now I can't connect the Carousel icons to the screen images so that if I select Image 1 on carousel and tap, the image 1 on screen should show up.

I hope I was able to explain my problem if now I feel free to ask me more I would very much love & appreciate to get some expert help on this one.

Project Screenshots