Animation Won't Stop Looping?

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Hey! Two questions.

1: I'm new to Lens Studio and have created my first project. I'm just doing a basic "What character are you?" filter (with photos/text). The action to start you can either open mouth or tap screen. But once it lands on the result, how do I make it STOP re-looping? The second you move/re-act it loops again for a new result.

2: When I send to snap, I have this light grey panel box (with like RAM, Size, MB, LAT, etc) that won't go away. How do I remove?

Thank you in advance!



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    1. To stop your Lens Studio filter from re-looping, adjust the trigger or condition that initiates the looping behavior. Modify it to activate only once when the filter starts.

    2. The light grey panel box with technical details is part of the debugging information. It won't appear when you send your lens to Snapchat users; it's only visible to you during development and can't be removed.