Can't add a Platform Identifier for an approved Application


hello our app was approved and it is live now. I am trying to add a Platform at Platform Identifiers section for Production but it says Can't add a Platform Identifier for an approved Application.

how can i add the Production identifiers in Platform Identifier section after approved?

Please advise regarding this.

Thank you.


  • stevenxu
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    @dokie5021 Thanks for posting on the forum! Apologies on this issue you're having.

    Just copying and pasting the prev instructions: One option you can do is make a copy of your approved version and add the bundle id from there. You'll just have to submit your app for review and I can help prioritize that for our team to take a look if you're on a tight schedule.

    The other option is we can add it manually like we did earlier in this thread though this may take longer depending on eng's bandwidth.

    Let me know

  • dokie5021


    Thank you for your response.

    We previously created a new version, submitted it for review, and received approval. However, we are still unable to use the "Add Platform" button, and clicking on it continues to display the message: "Can't add a Platform Identifier for an approved Application."

    Therefore, we are hoping that you can assist us in manually adding the platform identifier.

    Thank you very much.