How do I show something on the screen but not in the snap when i make a lense?


Hey There,
So im making a lense with tap for more feature and i want the text to show when a person opens the lense. but not show it in the snap taken. how can i do it?
I've seen it done in some lenses



  • Victoria Azarova

    Hi @The_Alex :) I had this problem too when first tried to add instructions and toggles and it showed only to the user but not while recording and I did this -> your instruction or toggles/buttons should be in Orthographic Camera, and when you click on this camera (on the right panel) in render target choose "UI render target"

    I don't know why my screenshot doesn't attach :#

  • ällä
    ällä Posts: 29 🔥

    You can make anything disappear with behavior script. Like in this tutorial :