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When testing my CameraKit app on iPhone the CPU load is 70%+ and the thermal state often hits 'Serious' where the phone is hot to hold. I have other processes running that likely contribute and my Lenses uses a lot of heavy AR features

Q: do you have baseline CPU and Temperature metrics for CameraKit (would be helpful to know how much room I have to improve.)



  • stevenxu
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    @aidan Thanks for posting on the forum as always. Great Q! Creating a ticket for our eng to look into this. Hang tight

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    Hi @aidan, we checked on this and we have not published such performance metrics on iOS. However, running one of our sample apps on that same iPhone may provide a point of comparison. Apologies for the delay on this.


    I am not away of any way of measure temperature on iOS. As a proxy CPU load can be measured with Instruments or MetricKit

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    Did you find any solution for this issue? The samples also use 50%-70% of CPU usage. It is a thing from CameraKit.

    Any good news @aidan?