UI Bug? UI adheres to wrong resolution

aidan Posts: 32 🔥
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Not sure if I messed something up along the way but the UI is adjusting to a resolution that appears off screen. Strangely, as soon as it loads the UI appears correct but as the Lens boots on the UI adjusts to a position off screen. I also noticed the camera kit input frame size and screen size are different resolutions, could this be the cause?

screen size: 390.0, 844.0
frame size: 720.0, 1280.0

UPDATE: Appears to be caused by and related to updating the ARKit Session after Camera Kit start. This is probably unexpected behavior https://community.snap.com/snapar/discussion/2927/quick-tip-geolocated-lens-compass-heading-magnetic-north#latest

Any help would be appreciated, screenshots for reference: