Camera Kit + Web AR + External Digital Camera?

Hi there,

Is there a way to connect my digital camera (Fujifilm X-HS2) with Camera Kit + Lens Studio and use it as the main camera?

I'm trying to record as high a resolution as possible (1080p if possible) to make content that makes the cameras quality, plus use a manual focus lens on my camera so I can pull focus too.

I can connect the camera and use it directly in Lens Studio but recording in the previewer, it comes out at 800 x 1440 resolution and a little pixelated.

Thought there might be a way to use WebAR + Camera Kit and then screen/directly record the render in the browser?

Anyone tired this before? Or is there a way to record directly in Lens Studio at 1080p with an external camera?



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    Hi @zPoly ,
    Yes, by using Camera Kit Web SDK it should be possible to select external camera, run your lens and record a video in resolutions like 1080p in the browser.

    Tutorial for recording:
    Source selection:
    Render size:

  • Great thank you @JacekC

    Do you always have to have the Lens Published? Or is there a play to play around with a Lens in Studio but have it render (like a preview) via Camera Web Kit?

    Just so i don't have to go through

    Build - Test - Publish - Video Record

    But instead

    Build Test - Video Record - Test - Video Record - Publish

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    Great question. We just released the Push Lenses feature that you can explore here:

    This solution requires to integrate it with your own site however we are working on the feature that will let you use our sample page instead to test the lenses on web directly from the Lens Studio.

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    Just a follow on the above. Since yesterday you can test your lenses on web directly from Lens Studio using our Sample Page: , make sure you are signed-in with the same account, paired the device and send a lens to Camera Kit

  • Thanks for following up!

    Is there anyway to use Lens with an external DSLR camera AND use AR / World effects? I've connected my fuji X-HS2 and can get it connect into Lens.

    I can get it to work with regular face effects but it won't register the 'world' to place objects into world space. I imagine it might be because it doesn't know what camera it's looking at or depth?

    I'm trying to record some of my Lens effect (specifically within AR/World space) through my Fuji X-HS2 - either connected to Lens Studio or via Camera Kit - so I can capture at the highest res.

    Any thoughts?

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    Unfortunately it's not about camera or even device but the limited access to ARKit/ARCore/camera intrinsics from the browser. It's similar if you would run your lens in the browser on the mobile device.

    For now, to get depth and 'world' tracking we recommend to use Camera Kit Mobile SDK. We are exploring options for Web SDK and things that might enable those scenarios but I don't have any details to share yet.

  • Got it - thanks for all this.

    Last question - can you think of any other ways to run Lens through a DLSR and capture HD/4K footage?

    I can connect my DLSR into Lens directly and then 'capture video' but it comes out at 800 x 1440 and sometimes drop frames depending on effect. Plus can't use AR/world as you said above...

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    Hi @TheSpectacle, are you experiencing this in the sample app or in your own app? Performance will vary based on device, Lens used and the resolution of video.