[v1.26.0] Camera Kit Mobile SDK release (Long Term Support Release)

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We have just released Camera Kit SDK v1.25.0 to Maven Central and CocoaPods. We are excited to announce that 1.26 is Camera Kit’s first** long-term support (LTS)** version for our mobile SDK. LTS is a commitment from Camera Kit to provide fixes for 1 year after initial release, including critical bug fixes and security patches. The goal of our LTS policy is to deliver peace of mind that this version will be maintained over a longer time window, without the need to upgrade to the newest version every 6 weeks. This represents a major milestone for the Camera Kit platform, and was made possible by feedback from our inspiring community. We strongly recommend that you update to our first LTS release 1.26, as well as to make use of new functionality and to ensure your integration is up to date with the latest features and improvements.

List of changes in our platform:

  • Introducing a 1-year LTS Policy for Camera Kit Mobile SDKs, starting with this release of version 1.26. See our LTS Policy documentation for more information.
  • 🚨Introducing Camera Kit Organization DAU & MAU and Lens DAU & MAU metrics. In the future, this data will be available to view in the Camera Kit Portal, and will enable Lens retention metrics and other advanced insights for your integration. This update will be turned on automatically for partners who are utilizing the Mobile SDK 1.17+ on 10/31/23. See our Analytics documentation for more information.
  • 🚨If your app is still using Camera Kit Android 1.15 or lower, you will see a warning on the Google Play Console when updating your app. You will still be able to use 1.15, but we encourage you to upgrade as soon as possible as we will eventually deprecate these versions.

Breaking Change:

  • The SDK’s API domain has been changed from *.snapchat.com to *.snapar.com. Updates to your application’s content security policy may be required.

List of changes in this SDK:


  • We introduced an improved experience for accepting Terms of Service for app users under the age of 13 in the US. It is required for developers to opt-in to this experience from the Snap Kit Developer Portal for apps newly going through App Review that serve this demographic.

    • This UX is implemented on versions 1.24 for the mobile SDK - be sure to upgrade to
      these versions to get the UX.
    • See Terms of Service documentation for more details.
  • Lens Studio 4.55 support

  • Android: Please check Changelog on GitHub for full details which should be noted in upgrading SDKs. Summary of changes:
    • connectOutput method moved into support-media-recording, and mediaStoreSourceFor method moved into a separate Maven artifact support-media-picker-source.
    • Default Lenses carousel UI moved into support-lenses-carousel, and default media picker UI moved into support-media-picker-ui. These components are removed from core camerakit artifacts. This potentially reduces app size by approx 500KB.

Bug Fixes

  • iOS: Wrong camera orientation after device rotation on iOS 16 and later.

Visit changelog page for information about all versions.