[v0.12.0] Camera Kit Web SDK release (Long Term Support Release)

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Hello Partners!

We have just released Camera Kit Web SDK v0.12.0 to NPM. We are excited to announce that v0.12.0 is Camera Kit’s first long-term support (LTS) version for the web SDK.

LTS is a commitment from Camera Kit to provide fixes for 1 year after initial release, including critical bug fixes and security patches. The goal of our LTS policy is to deliver peace of mind that this version will be maintained over a longer time window, without the need to upgrade to the newest version every 6 weeks.

This represents a major milestone for the Camera Kit platform, and was made possible by feedback from our inspiring community. We strongly recommend that you update to our first LTS release, v0.12.0, to make use of new functionality and to ensure your integration is up to date with the latest features and improvements.

Platform Changes

  • We've initiated a 1-year LTS Policy for the Camera Kit Web SDK, beginning with the release of version v0.12.0. This first LTS release is supported through September 12, 2024. For further details, please refer to our LTS policy documentation.

Breaking Changes

  • The SDK’s API domain has been changed from *.snapchat.com to *.snapar.com. Updates to your application’s content security policy may be required.


  • A "Push to Web" sample app has been added, allowing Snap Lens creators to easily test Lenses with the Web SDK directly from Lens Studio on our live samples page.
  • Support for Lens Studio 4.55
  • Improvements to documentation

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes a Firefox-specific issue where the microphone audio buffer could unexpectedly become undefined.
  • Fixes an issue caused by incomplete browser support for navigator.userAgentData

Please check the Camera Kit Web docs page for integration guidelines.


Snap Camera Kit Team