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AVCaptureMultiCamSession Support

aidan Posts: 32 🔥

Officially going to kick off a thread requesting AVCaptureMultiCamSession support on iOS!

This would enable us to access the front and back cameras as the same time leading to interesting new Lens use cases. For example, in my app GG, multicam would enable me to show both the AR gameplay and the player at the same time.

Currently if you attempt to pass a multicam session into the AVSessionInput it will build but you'll end up getting this error when your Lens loads:

[AVCaptureDevice _setActiveFormat:resetVideoZoomFactorAndMinMaxFrameDurations:sessionPreset:] Unsupported format (<AVCaptureDeviceFormat: 0x280006fd0 'vide'/'420v' 1920x1080, { 1- 30 fps}, photo dims:{1920x1080,4224x2376}, fov:70.291, supports vis (max strength:Low), max zoom:123.75 (upscales @2.00), AF System:2, ISO:33.0-3168.0, SS:0.000014-1.000000, supports HDR, supports multicam, supports high photo quality>) - use -formats to discover valid formats'

It would be great to 1) be able to specify what camera (front or back) to pass to CameraKit or 2) input both cameras into Camera Kit at the same time in the form of a split screen feed