How does the resetTracking function work?

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I want to have my lens reset the tracking the same way it does when a user taps the screen to reset tracking, but with code. this seems to work once, but then stops resetting after a while


  • The resetTracking function is not a standard or widely recognized function in the context of programming or software development. The behavior and functionality of a function named resetTracking would depend entirely on the specific programming context or application in which it is used.

    In general, the term "reset tracking" could imply the action of resetting or clearing some form of tracking or monitoring system. However, the exact implementation and purpose of such a function would vary widely depending on the software or system in which it is used.

    If you have a specific context or piece of code in which you've encountered a reset tracking function and would like assistance understanding its functionality, please provide more details or code snippets, and I'd be happy to offer more specific guidance.

  • Snapchat's Lens Studio did not have a function called resetTracking specifically. However, Snapchat's Lens Studio does provide various functions and features for creating augmented reality (AR) experiences and managing tracking.

    If Snapchat has introduced a resetTracking function or similar functionality like crcackcut since then, I recommend referring to the official Snapchat Lens Studio documentation or developer resources for the most up-to-date and accurate information on how it works and its usage.

    In general, functions related to resetting or managing tracking in AR development often serve the purpose of reinitializing or recalibrating the AR experience. This can be useful when the AR tracking is lost or when you want to provide users with a way to reset the virtual elements in the scene. The specific implementation and usage of such functions can vary depending on the AR development platform and tools being used.

    To get information on the latest Snapchat Lens Studio features and functions, please visit the official Lens Studio website or consult their documentation and community resources.

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    is this a bot