Creating an ad with a normal lense as the swipe up action

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Can you not create an ad with "Swipe Up!" action with a normal lense?

I can only see the "AR Lense" option, and when I select "Browse" to select filter, none of my filters are shown (I have 0 AR lenses).


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    Hey @audun

    You can create On Demand Lenses, but with pre-made assets - not the Lenses you've created with Lens Studio. Currently there is no way to create a Lens in Lens Studio and tie it to a specific location for a set amount of time. The current ad products you can buy with Lens Studio-made Lenses are:

    1. ads where users can 'Swipe Up' (our version of a click) on video or photo ads to play with a Lens
    2. an audience-targeted Lens served directly in our camera with an agreed upon CPM (this is now available through Reach x Frequency buying in self-serve for approved clients in the following countries: US, UK, FR, KSA)
    3. a Snapchat takeover Lens on a single day, reaching all users in the first position Lens in the camera. Pricing depends on reach and expected impressions for that day.

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