App Crash on CameraController.takePhoto


Hi fam,

I am building a swiftui-based app and using the latest camera kit version. For one of us, the app crashes when trying to take a photo or video. We are not able to figure out what's causing this. Have any one of you had this issue? I am attaching the stack trace from Crashlytics. Any help will be appreciated. Here is the stack trace:


  • arashp
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    Hi @Ali Raza, thank you for reporting this problem. Are you able to reproduce it on our sample app? Without seeing your code and knowing the differences between the two devices, we are unable to tell why taking a photo/video might work on one device but not another. I am assuming the devices have the same permissions and enough storage to save the files.

    Could you send us a small sample that reproduces the crash (unless it reproduces on our sample)? Please include the SDK version, device types, and iOS versions that the two phones are running, indicating which device is crashing. Support link: Thanks again!

  • Ali Raza

    thank you for your reply @arashp I will try to reproduce it on the sample app. and also send you the code