Error in loading the lens after few minutes of publishing


Hello, I hope theres someone who can help me with this
I am currently facing an issue with my new lens which i uploaded yesterday and it was working perfectly fine for first few minutes but after some time it got disappeared and now I cant even open it from link and on my lens studio account its showing its published and fine please help me this is my snap account-@pj_208 and the filter name is "bindi" Please help me



  • ällä
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    Have you tried just reuploading it? Like when you press publish on lens studio and the browser opens up and you can choose to update a current lens and then you select your "bindi" there and "reupload it"

  • yes i reuploaded it few times and even deleted and uploaded it again with changes still its not visible

  • Ahmaad khan

    However, here are a few steps you might consider to troubleshoot the issue:

    Clear Cache: Sometimes, clearing the cache or refreshing the lens in Lens Studio can resolve issues. Try clearing the cache in your browser or within the Lens Studio app.

    Check Snap Account Settings: Ensure that your account settings or privacy settings on Snapchat haven't affected the visibility or accessibility of your lenses.

    Contact Snapchat Support: Reach out to Snapchat's support team directly through their help center or support channels. They might provide specific guidance or solutions tailored to your issue.

    Re-upload the Lens: If the problem persists, consider re-uploading the lens. Sometimes, a fresh upload can resolve underlying issues.

    Community Forums: Explore Snapchat's community forums or groups. Sometimes, other creators might have faced similar issues and could offer insights or solutions.

    Remember, troubleshooting specific technical issues on a platform like Snapchat might require direct support from their team, especially when it involves account-specific problems.