[Office Hour Q] Can you recommended a workflow ...for developing lens & using CamKit Web?...

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@Krystian said:
We have experienced teams of various sizes (3-7 people) that can facilitate the development of lenses and use CameraKit Web SDK to integrate them into a website. We're always looking to improve our workflow and pipeline. Can you recommended a workflow and pipeline for a team developing a lens and using CameraKit Web SDK to integrate it into a website? How would you divide the responsibilities? How would you handle publishing and updates? Would you use a monorepo or separate repos (one for website, one for lens)?



  • Michael Mase
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    Hi @Krystian! The application and Lens certainly fall under very different workflows. I would say dividing and conquering on those two efforts would make sense. However, when creating a Lens for the Web SDK, I would test often and early. This may mean implementing Push to Web in your app so you can push Lenses directly from Lens studio into your application. Alternatively, you can push Lenses to our Push to Web sample app or Test Your Lenses using your API token and Lens Group ID (published Lenses only).

    So while the efforts in constructing the application and Lens, respectively, will be quite different and isolated, ensuring performance and compatibility early will set you up for success. I hope this helps! Feel free to let me know if you have any additional questions.