Quick Question!!


Is that possible to create my own face filter or lens in lens studio??
If there is anyone please help me out and provide me some solution....
Waiting for your response . To be very honest I really don't know your name when am asking this question but Thank You in advance....)



  • prabhbir07

    Yes, you can create your own face filter or lens in Lens Studio!

  • Esen Özbek

    please can you help me
    this lense was different before 2 month
    then suddenly in september there was 2 of this one very strong make the eyes green. i had teı times the same lense wid the same icon and same name just the original was very soft. Pls can u help me to find again the original one see pics
    this the new version of the lense


    this was the old version


    pls can u create again the old version or tell me how can i get in touch wid the creator? Please

  • tijara auto

    Yes, it is indeed possible to create your own face filter or lens in Lens Studio. Lens Studio is a platform provided by Snapchat that allows users to create augmented reality (AR) experiences, including face filters and lenses.
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  • lockhart Shirley
    lockhart Shirley Posts: 13 🔥

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