Introduce yourself!


Hi there guys,

I would love to know more of you creators that are lurking around here, so it would be great for you guys to leave a little introduction here.

I'm Danny from the Netherlands and i have been creating social AR for around 3 years now, mainly using Lens Studio to create cool brand experiences with my company Verticar. I loved meeting lens creators at Lens Fest and hope to meet more of you here!


Danny 👻



  • AaronXR
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    Hello! I'm Aaron and I'm a game dev from Vancouver Island, Canada.

    I've been making lenses for a few years now and love working on experimental / interactive lenses.

  • Jacob Garbarz

    Hey Danny, my name is Jacob. I've been creating on the platform to express myself through Lenses. I'm from the US but I love to see the creative expressions of others abroad. Drop your best Lens and I'll give it a try!

  • ClockWork Dragons

    Hi Folks

    Ive been using lens studio for while, mainly to demo stuff to clients, but also side projects & fun stuff. One of the things im looking to do is interactive stories, once i figure out how to link filters

  • Brendan Stow
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  • emiliusvgs
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    Hi! My name is Emilio Vegas. I've been creating AR experiences for more than 10 years. I'm from Perú and I love Snapchat technology!

  • 2020CV
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    Hello, I'm Hart and I've been messing around in Lens Studio for 2 years (but it feels like longer!). You can follow my experiments on Twitter:

  • Nicole M


    I'm Nicole. Currently in the US (Washington) but moving to Germany in about a month. Been using LS for about 2 years.

    My content is a mix of a lot of things, but I do enjoy creating characters, beauty, and goth/horror vibe lenses. 😅

  • Yusuf 🕶
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    Hey! Yusuf Omar here. We're building the world's most immersive storytelling company. I'll tell you the name on May 10 when we relaunch our brand :-D . Hiring tons of lens creators, if anyone is looking for something really fun and challenging! I'm based in Australia, but our team of over 100 people is all over the world. I've been wearing Spectacles every day of my life since 2016. No doubt, Snap is the computing platform of the future! 😎

  • Dheeraj Tibrewal

    Hey Folks! I'm Dheeraj from India started as a unity developer, explored social AR, and now exploring the Lens ecosystem nd its been a while since I'm learning and creating new immersive experiences. Let's connect and build cool AR stuffs

  • Ines Hilz
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    Hi everybody! :)

    I'm Ines, i live in Berlin and I am building Snapchat lenses day and night for the last 6 months now, for my full time job and for my personal projects. Lens studio is my favourite software since i switched from VR to AR!

    I'm interested in VR, AR, games, fashion and art, and i really like to collaborate with both programmers and artists to make cool stuff :)

    You can find my Portfolio here:

    And all the other stuff here:

  • Maha
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    Hello, I'm Maha

  • Gijs Wahl

    Hello people!

    My name is Gijs, I live in the Hague in the Netherlands. I studied fine arts and philosophy, and seek to combine these two spheres. I started experimenting with AR 2 years ago. The means to change and expand a human perspective has always been my big interest, and AR is a perfect match! Lately I've fallen in love with Lens Studio's AR fashion capabilities. But I'm also very interested in ML and I would like to get into more world-building or expanding effects. I'm into AR because it is such an exhilarating new means of expression, and I hope to be able set up something of an artistic sphere to grow and display new ideas and expressions. If you like to know more about me I recently featured in Lenslist on AiR. There is quite a large interview, and we made a virtual island where you can see some of my AR works for Snap and IG:

    I'm very much looking forward to see everyones creations and visions for the future!

  • Gary Bartos

    Howdy! My name is Gary, and my company is working on assistive technology using Spectacles (and other Snap tech and other platforms). Initially we're working on making appliances and touch screens accessible.

    The most concise overview of our work appeared in Lens Fest 2021:

    Primarily we're working on Lenses for blind, DeafBlind, and low vision folks. The Lens designs for visually impaired folks are (naturally) different from what sighted people understand from the video-only demos, but the fundamental concept is the same.

    And since there are people all over the world posting here, I'll mention that internationalization and localization are important to us. Everyone, everywhere has a right to assistive tech if they need it or want it.

  • fahad
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    Hello everyone

    My Name is Fahad From Saudi Arabia. I joined the team about 2 years ago. I aspire to learn more experiences in the field of augmented reality and share my experiences with everyone

    snapchat : Fahad.en

    twitter : Fahad_en

    Thank you 🙏🏻

  • علي العديم 🎖

    Hello everybody

    My name is Ali Matar from Saudi Arabia. I joined the team in November 2021. I love augmented reality.

  • Tariq B
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    Hello there!

    My name is Tariq Bahaaaldeen, and I am a former Snap Lens Network Member 🤗

    Here's my portfolio for my Snapchat creation: www.Tariq.VIP

  • modelsbymike3d
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    👋 I'm Mike. I've been creating with Lens Studio for almost 3 years now. It is one of my favorite hobbies and I love creating tutorials for it -->

  • Dishant Gandhi

    Hi I am Dishant gandhi from India, AI/ML engineer at Hoory and have been winner of snap Dev challenge twice.

    I am also a Youtuber who runs channel named as Droid City.

    Been waiting for this forum since long time. I create Android applications in jetpack compose and kotlin as hobby and have integrated snap kit multiple times in them as feature and trying out new features of it.

  • Hi! I am Anastassiya from Kazakhstan, I am AR developer and 3D designer, I am interested in Ar fashion and cartoon characters 🤘

  • Noah Lupo

    Hey :) my name is Noah and I'm a 3D model designer, graphic artist, aspiring entrepreneur, and a developer for the amazing Snap Lens Network. I've been creating lenses for over two years and I love expressing myself creativity through my favorite art form. I love the AR world and I get so inspired seeing the work of my fellow lens creators. I'm very experienced in Lens Studio, Blender, Maya, and Illustrator. I'm also familiar with Java and C++ coding. If you want support or help with anything related to lenses, feel free to email me ( or reach out to my Snap @NoahL. I love meeting new creators and helping you all on your creative journeys online!

  • Enoch
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    I'm Enoch (can be pronounced as a-knock) from NY, and I'm a developer who is just fascinated with the concept of AR|VR. Looking forward to meeting and knowing more about you guys!

    Snap: @en_och

  • Tony Wild

    Hey all! A lot of new faces in here and definitely some old friends. Glad we have a little more organization happening, and looking forward to seeing ya'll virtually at Partner Summit.

    I'm Tony Wild from Phoenix, Arizona. Been in the various creator programs w/ Snap since right around the later half of 2018. Wild Portals is the name of our creative studio and we mostly work with the larger agencies to bring branded product activations to life. Recently, we jumped into the NFT space and have had a few wins along with a couple of lessons learned!

    Looking forward to adding more to this space and connecting further with all you amazing Snap Stars! ;)

  • SirQu3ntin

    Hey guys,

    My name is SirQu3ntin and over the course of a few years i have made over 450 Lenses in many different categories, including Machine Learning, 3D Effects and much more.

    You can find my lenses here:



  • paulgailey

    hola people of Snap

    i do bizdev @ Everywoah 🇪🇸 serving brands, and always looking 👀to connect with Spanish Lens creators.

    really impressed with the pace and depth of the Snap AR features and innovation....

    ps. Move over Sinatra. Since yesterday been replaying the Pixies on loop :)

  • Metail
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    Hey fellow AR Creators!

    Vikesh from Metail. We're a start-up based in the UK - an old start-up - founded in 2008 (😱!) and has always been focused on i) digitising people; ii) digitising clothes; iii) visualising these two can probably tell why we're quite excited by Lens Studio!

    We only started properly experimenting with Lens Studio at the end of last year after being accepted as a GHOST Fellow:

    Really excited to get to know more of you all. Especially if you're into AR clothing or fashion (@Gijs Wahl - I of course noticed your intro...although we're into clothes to be worn first & foremost rather than digital fashion!).

    Nice to meet you all!



    Btw @2020CV - your lenses were some of the first which really got me excited by AR! Especially "I Am Feeling It" Couldn't resist letting you know!


    Hello everyone, my name is Fadi, a graphic design student, I recently joined SnapLens Network, I am a lens Creator about 2 years ago, I love to learn more, a simple 3D model maker, I love augmented/virtual reality,

    Here you will find more about me

  • Max
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    I'm Max, an AR developer from the Netherlands. Nice seeing you all here!

    You can check out my work here:

  • GoSpooky AR

    Hi All,

    I'm Tom Geurts, representing the Gospooky team.

    We are an AR Studio located in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

    Creator Profile:


  • Shimenta
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    I'm Jimena, I am an AR creator from Italy. I love AR fashion and also exploring the practical applications for AR and XR.

    Snapchat: Shimenta