Camera Kit for Unity: where can I add a lens id in the camera kit project for Unity?

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Hi All
I have some problems to start Lenses from the unity camera kit demo

First of all, I'm not sure I've done everything right yet, I just followed the etaps indicated in the git hub.
I added the Api token and the app id and managed to build the application on my Iphone 14 pro.

then I launched the application (I built the scene: Mask shop)
now when I launch a Lens demo it doesn't work I can see the camera but there is no AR I just see "Camera Kit is staging" appearing and disappearing.

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    Hi All,

    I Just found how to do that it's easy to do!

    You just have to open the constants scrip (that you can found in the unity project), Script > Constants.

    Also you have to make sure that the lenses (id) that you add are parts of the lens group (id).


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