support world mesh recognition and plane recognition? [Camera Kit Web]

Tomonori Mizutani
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I tried the Lens Studio templates "Simple World Mesh" and "World Tracking Planes" using Camera Kit Web, but they didn't work well.
("Hair Color" and "Countdown" are working.)
It seems like I don't have world mesh recognition or plane recognition. Does Camera Kit Web support world mesh recognition and plane recognition?

As shown in the code below, cameraType is set to back and facingMode is set to environment.

const mediaStream = await navigator.mediaDevices.getUserMedia({
  audio: false,
  video: {
    facingMode: { ideal: 'environment' }

const source = createMediaStreamSource(mediaStream, { cameraType: 'back' })
await this.session.setSource(source)

Development environment

  • Windows10
  • Lens Studio: 4.55.1
  • CameraKitWeb: 0.14.1

Environment where I tested the app operation

  • iOS (Safari /Crome)
  • Android (Chrome)


  • Michael Mase
    Michael Mase Posts: 66 🔥🔥

    Hi @Tomonori Mizutani! Camera Kit Web does not support World Mesh. Surface tracking is supported but performance may vary depending on the user's environment.

  • Tomonori Mizutani

    @Michael Mase
    Thanks for the answer.
    You said Surface tracking is supported, which template in Lens Studio is Lens with Surface tracking?

  • Tomonori Mizutani

    Additional note:

    Surface tracking is supported

    I'm still new to Lens Studio and don't fully understand it yet.
    Is it perhaps enough to just set the Tracking Mode of the Device Tracking Component attached to the Camera to Surface?