Creative Kit Integration - Image Upload Issue


Hello Snap community,

I hope you're doing well! I am currently facing an issue with the Creative Kit on Snapchat. I've integrated Creative Kit into my website to allow users to share images seamlessly on Snapchat. However, I'm encountering a challenge related to image uploads.

When attempting to use the Creative Kit to share images, the upload process seems to encounter a hiccup/bug. Users are unable to share images successfully, and I'm trying to troubleshoot this issue.

Steps Taken:

**API Key Configuration:
I have double-checked and configured the Snap Kit API key correctly in my website's backend.

JavaScript SDK Integration:

The Snap Kit JavaScript SDK has been successfully integrated into my website's code.

Creative Kit Initialization:

I have followed the official documentation to initialize the Creative Kit, ensuring that it is properly set up.

User Authentication:

User authentication through the Snapchat login is working smoothly, and I can retrieve user data without any issues.

Image MIME Type:

Images uploaded conform to the supported MIME types specified in the Creative Kit documentation.

****Testing on Different Devices:****

I have tested the image upload functionality on various devices and browsers to rule out device-specific or browser-related issues.
Despite these efforts, the image upload issue persists, and users are unable to share images through Creative Kit. I would appreciate any insights, guidance, or troubleshooting tips from the community. Has anyone encountered a similar problem, or is there something specific I might be missing in the configuration?
Link: The Pet website

Thanks in advance for your help!

Best regards,