IOS Camera Jitter - CameraKit Web 0.14.1

alex_doudnikov Posts: 14 🔥

Hi Everyone,

Framework: React + Vite (
SDK: 0.14.1-alpha.1

I am currently building a demo app where the camera kit web canvas is inside a react-modal.

When I access the modal on an IOS device the canvas or camera is very jittery/laggy, almost like its rendering a frame from ~5 frames ago every second.

When I downgraded to 0.12.0 LTS the problem is gone.

I could not reproduce this bug on android [Pixel 7] or desktop [Chrome/Firefox/Edge browsers].

This bug was on every IOS device it was tested on [13 pro max, SE 2nd gen].

If there is a fix for 0.14.1 please let me know, but I am currently fine using 0.12.0.