CameraKit v1.26.0 is heating and using a lot more energy than version v1.19.2

Jorge Costa
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We have an app that runs lenses with a considerable size and time. Our average size per lens is 7MB, which may make the “life” of the Framework difficult.

Usually, when we see that an update is available, we look forward to upgrading it in our app.

Last time, we updated the CameraKit from 1.19.2 to 1.26.0, and we noticed that the consumption of memory is higher; usually, the device starts heating after 4/5 recordings (with lenses) in a row, but after updating to 1.26.0, we felt the device too hot in the first recording.

Can you help me?



  • Ankit Baphna
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    @Jorge Costa Thanks for reporting this. I am curious to understand how you tested and what you mean when you say "run lenses with considerable time". Can you give details like:

    • Which device you are using for test?
    • Have you tested 1.19.2 and 1.26.0 on the same device?
    • Any debug info you can provide from the dump or profiler depending upon which platform it is.
    • Why is the Lens so heavy, can you provide Lens ID?
    • What is the use case that you need to run a Lens for very long and how much long we are talking about here - 10mins, an hour, more?
    • Last but most important, are you seeing similar behavior on sample app as well?