head crwon


can anyone tell me how to create a crown of hearts which moves



  • Nature love

    You just need to create a 2d animation of heart of your choice . then import the 2d animation to Face Image and place it to correct place . I use this method but i am not sure of any other method.


    Bonjour Kunal, Vous devrez créer une animation 2d avec les coeurs puis vous importez l'animation dans face image. ensuite placez la au bon endroit

  • Victoria Azarova

    Hi :) If you mean 3D object, so you can find 3d object on Sketchfab and make it moves (part of the crown) with this technique -> Chain Physics - watch the tutorial on how to make it:


  • Kunal Maida

    It's more like the particles feature is used..
    For reference:-

    Do let me know guys..

  • Toomed
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    Simple Moving Crown:

    Materials: Cardstock, scissors, string, tape, glue.
    Hearts: Cut out several different-sized hearts from colored cardstock.
    Movement: String the hearts together in a loop. Tape or glue the ends of the loop together. Hold the top of the loop and gently shake or move your hand to create a wave-like motion in the hearts.
    More Complex Moving Crown:

    Materials: Craft foam, pipe cleaners, hot glue gun, battery-powered motor with a rotating shaft (like a mini DC motor), small cardboard circle, craft glue.
    Hearts: Cut out several hearts from craft foam.
    Movement: Glue each heart to the end of a pipe cleaner. Attach the other end of each pipe cleaner to the cardboard circle, hot glueing them securely. Mount the cardboard circle onto the motor shaft, ensuring it spins freely. Attach a battery pack and switch to the motor. When activated, the hearts will spin around the wearer's head.
    Digital Moving Crown:

    Software: Utilize animation software like Blender, Maya, or even After Effects.
    Hearts: Design and animate individual heart shapes in 3D or 2D animation.
    Movement: Program the hearts to move in a circular pattern, simulating a rotating crown. Export the animation as a GIF or video.