[v0.16.2] 🌐 Camera Kit Web SDK release

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Hello Camera Kit friends!

We have just released Camera Kit Web SDK v0.16.2 to NPM. The sample app has also been updated to this version.

Breaking changes:

  • Updated exports for improved compatibility; consumers may need to adjust imports to align with new paths.
  • createUserMediaSource, which was previously marked for deprecation, has been removed. Consumers will need to create MediaStreams via the native MediaDevices interface and create a CameraKitSource with createMediaStreamSource.
  • CameraKitDeviceInfo, which was also previously marked for deprecation, has been removed in favor of CameraKitDeviceOptions. This change aligns the cameraType property of the CameraKitSource configuration with that of the native getUserMedia API.

Features, optimizations and bug fixes:

  • Improved platform error handling
  • General bug fixes and reliability enhancements

Please check the Camera Kit docs website for integration guidelines.